5 Fun Ways to Style Summer Shorts with Class

Posted: Jun 26 2015 by Lookbook Store


The weather has finally shifted so there's no denying that summer is back with all its sunshine glory. Of course, when the temperature is turning hot, then it's definitely shorts time.

However, if donning shorts is just too boyish for your style taste, don't worry. There are lots ways to wear these leg-baring bottoms without losing your girlishness. And once you learn the arts of styling them, you'll realize then that shorts don't have to be too casual or exclusive for the beach.

So without further ado, start styling your summer shorts with these ideas:


1. Accessorize to Your Heart's Content

    Pair 'em with sunnies, with necklaces, with bangles -- whatever! Adding bling to your shorts ensemble is a great way to add glam to an otherwise casual outfit. 

    2. Play With Heels

      Need to impress a date but don't want to wear jeans? Then a pair of, say apricot lace shorts, might do just the trick. Just complement a pair of shorts with dressy blouses and stiletto heels, and you're good to go. Plus, the heels can make your legs look longer.  

      3. Keep It Smart with Blazers

        Unbelievably, shorts can also be worn in office settings, provided that your company dress code permits it. So feel summer even if you're working your fingers to the bone by complementing your shorts with some classy blazers.

        Girl wearing blue pleated shorts paired with a blazer.

        4. Beat the Heat with Loose Tops

          Unless you're heading to the beach or staying cooped up inside your house, it's an unwritten rule to pair your shorts with sleeved, flowy tops if you're going out. This tip will ensure that you'll always look like a lady with class. 

          5. Look Cool and Carefree with Kimonos

            Another fun way to jazz up your shorts attire is to add a dramatic flair to it with kimonos. They'll not only add charm to the piece but will also give you ample coverage if you're feeling conscious about wearing something slightly skimpy. 


            Now that you have these tips, styling your summer shorts will be but a breeze. What more if you flaunt them with well-toned legs? Now that's extra sexy.

            If you need some leg exercises to help tone your legs and perk up your derrière, we know just the right routines.


            Have fun styling!


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