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  • 7 Fashion Trends You’ll Be Wearing in the Next Few Months

    Posted: Mar 15 2019 by Lookbook Store

    Yes, we are bidding goodbye to the 0°C weather forecast really soon, so cheers to less layers and more clothing options. As we all know, a new season deserves a fresh closet. We may wait for a few more months before we can fully indulge in these fabulous spring trends,...
  • 6 Lovely Outfits For Every Valentine’s Day Date

    Posted: Jan 31 2019 by Lookbook Store

    Valentine’s Day is surely one of the most awaited day of the year. That is, regardless whether you have a significant other or not. It is because it is one of the best times to schedule a special date either with your boyfie, best friends, or family.  Yearly, on February...
  • 8 Foolproof Pieces That’ll Keep You Fab This Winter

    Posted: Dec 28 2018 by Lookbook Store

    Freezing cold weather isn’t an excuse to forget your style and be frumpy. Just because it is below 0 outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and get have just as you have in the warmer months. While breezy and easy dresses are great options for summer, there...

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