• How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type

    Posted: Apr 27 2017 by Lookbook Store

    Summer is almost here! And it is just so difficult to resist the urge to glam up our styles, especially with this year’s amazing swimwear trends. However, we also couldn’t deny the fact that some of us are not so confident when it comes to wearing swimsuits.   Wearing swimwear...
  • 13 Swimwear Trends to Watch Out For This 2017

    Posted: Mar 20 2017 by Lookbook Store

    Is your old swimsuit getting faded? Is it already stretched out? Or is it just out of style? You better check out, girl. ‘Cause it may be time to refresh your beach-ready wardrobe. Trendy swimwear usually hit the racks by March and April. Wait for a few months, do your...
  • 10 Last Minute Fashion Blogger-Approved Valentine’s Day Outfits

    Posted: Feb 14 2017 by Lookbook Store

      Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous ladies!   We are celebrating love once again, and we know that you are sure excited for this day. Or maybe not. Although some of you may find Valentine’s Day as another Hallmark holiday, we can’t deny the fact that this day is a great...

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