Here Are 7 Reasons to Love Wrap-Style Dresses

Posted: Aug 06 2016 by Lookbook Store

Clothing styles come and go. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of styles that have made huge comebacks. Flared jeans, for example, are making waves in the fashion world again. Similarly, off-shoulders, crop tops, high-waist bottoms and halter styles, among many others, are also becoming a hot thing again.


But then, there are clothing styles that have always been there. One of them is the wrap-style dress. From maxis to minis, this type of clothing has never really went out of style. This is why it is loved by many women and fashion designers alike. In fact, prominent personalities, like the Duchess of Cambridge, the first lady of the United States and many more celebrities, can be seen sporting this dress type on various occasions.


But what really makes wrap dresses iconic? Here are seven reasons why they are quite popular for several generations now:


Ensures the perfect fit

Whether a size 0 or size 24, a wrap dress will still fit perfectly and give the illusion of a smaller waistline, thanks to its defined waistband and bow knot detailing. This means that any woman, regardless of size and shape can rock a wrap-style frock anytime, anywhere, be it for date night, clubbing or a social event.


For a romantic date with your beau…

Navy Blue Floral Plunge Wrap Dress

Navy Blue Floral Plunge Wrap Dress


For partying with your friends…

Pink and Navy Sleeveless Wrap-Style Dress

Pink and Navy Sleeveless Wrap-Style Dress


For social gatherings…

Navy Blue Plunge Wrap Belted Maxi Dress

Navy Blue Plunge Wrap Belted Maxi Dress


Creates a curvier silhouette

    What a lot of women love about wrap dresses is that they can disguise the areas that they want hidden, especially the midsection. Bulges can be concealed with a wrap-style frock, especially when you choose the right print or style. Aside from that, these types of dresses can provide the illusion of a more defined waistline. This gives any woman a curvier, sexier silhouette.


    Blue Printed Chiffon Wrap Dress

    Blue Printed Chiffon Wrap Dress


    Apricot Lace Overlay Plunge Wrap-Style Dress

    Apricot Lace Overlay Plunge Wrap-Style Dress


    Green Lace Overlay Plunge Wrap-Style Dress

    Green Lace Overlay Plunge Wrap-Style Dress


    Offers versatility

      You can dress up wrap dresses or pare them back, depending on what you wear them with. A wrap mini can be worn as a top with jeans and strappy sandals for a casual chic look. You can wear them with any footwear, too, be it heels, boots or even sneakers. Wrap-style wonders can also be used for the office, at a party, for a dinner date, at a wedding or at the mall. In fact, there’s not too many places where you can’t don these classic pieces.


      Are season-less

        Whether it’s winter, summer, spring or fall, these timeless pieces can be your go-to outfit. On a chilly day, pair a wrap-style number with knee-high boots and a coat to keep you warm and cozy while out and about. In summer, opt for a sleeveless wrap dress that’s short enough to keep you cool and ready to beat the heat. So, no matter the season, you’ll always find something that will suit the weather and of course, your taste.


        At Lookbook Store, you’ll find lots of beautiful wrap dresses that will satisfy your needs and preferences. These are some of the most coveted pieces that you should get your hands on, too.



        This gorgeous black floral plunge wrap dress is quite a versatile piece. It’s a lovely dress to wear to work. This ravishing number comes with a plunging neckline, bow knot belt and crop sleeves. You can add a blazer and pumps to your ensemble for a smart office outfit. Opt for mauve lips and smokey eyes to let this amazing piece stand out.

        Black Floral Plunge Wrap Dress



        This charming apricot plunge wrap-style belted dress is one that can be worn to work and play. It comes with a plunging neckline, black bow knot belt and long sleeves. You’ll look every inch the powerful and independent woman you are when you wear this floral beauty with stilettos or ankle strap heels and nude makeup. This can be for the office, a party or dinner date at a fancy restaurant.


        Apricot Plunge Wrap-Style Belted Dress



        Love LBDs? This stunning black lace overlay plunge wrap-style dress is one you’d want to have in your collection. It has a beautiful lace overlay that gives this sweet number a super sexy vibe. It also features crop sleeves and a girly bow knot belt for that flirty touch. It’s a fantastic dress to wear for corporate events, dinner dates or cocktail parties. Team it up with delicate ankle strap heels for that sophisticated look.


        Black Lace Overlay Plunge Wrap-Style Dress



        If you want to seduce your date or anyone at a party, this beguiling plus size burgundy lace crop sleeves wrap dress is what you need. It has a lace overlay in a romantic color that will surely make heads turn. Aside from that, it comes with a sexy plunge neckline, bow knot belt and crop sleeves that give it a sophisticated and feminine feel. Rock this amazing piece with strappy sandals and minimal accessories to let this wrap dress stand out.

         Burgundy Lace Overlay Plunge Wrap-Style Dress



        If you’re looking for something that can be worn to various occasions, then this navy plunge wrap-style belted dress is for you. It has a smart, professional look that makes it the perfect piece to wear to the office, especially if you’re going for a powerful look that will make you look classy and stylish. It comes with a deep neckline, bow knot belt and crop sleeves.


        Navy Plunge Wrap-Style Belted Dress


        If you’ve always shied away from wrap dresses because you think they’re so complicated to wear, here’s a how-to guide to help make life easier.


        1. Loose the knot of the dress to untie it.
        2. Wear the wrap dress one sleeve at a time. Then, allow it to hang freely.
        3. Look for the slit on the side seam, which can be located on the left or right, depending on how the dress was designed. But usually, this can be found on the right side of the frock.
        4. Pull the tie firmly but gently on the left side of the dress. Once you have the tie in your hand, insert its end into the side slit of the wrap dress and pull it.
        5. Place the right side of the dress over the left while holding the tie closest to you in your left hand.
        6. With your right hand, grab the right tie and insert it through the slit.
        7. Tie the knot by crossing the ribbon at the center of your back holding it firmly so as not to drop it.
        8. Pull the ties to the front of the dress tying the free ends in a bow know at front or side, depending on your preference.


        So you see? There’s so many reasons to love wrap dresses. They’re beautiful, stylish, simple, elegant and most of all, timeless. They can be worn to different events. Plus, they can be easily styled with the right accessories and shoes. So if you’re looking for the perfect piece to own and wear, be it to work or play, an entrancing wrap dress is your best bet. At Lookbook Store, you’ll find a wide array of these styles that you can wear to different occasions.


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