A Rundown of Accessories That You'll Want Your Initials Stamped

Posted: Oct 13 2014 by Lookbook Store

We don't know about you but there's something about monograms that a lot of us find classy and fabulous. Perhaps it's the way of giving the items a luxurious touch or the elegant way of telling people they're yours. It's like wearing a brand that isn't really yours but sounds like it because it's personalized with your initials on it. Well, whatever the reason is, we can't help but make a list of Lookbook Store accessories that we're sure you'll want to stamp your initials on it. Here they are:


1. Faux Leather Bag



2. Skull Tassel PU Bag



3. Eyelet Flap Clutch



4. Gold-Lock Envelop Clutch


5. Adjustable Waist Belt



Already bought one of our bags and belts and had it monogrammed? Let us know but sending us a pic!

Till next post!




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