• 11 Trendy Outerwears You Need To Have This Fall

    Posted: Oct 17 2016 by Lookbook Store

    Now that the cold season is here, we are pretty sure that all of you started digging out your favorite outerwear, be it every day denim jacket to coat to fur one. We’ve also started spotting our favorite ladies in their fall outerwears. Girls, one thing you should remember is...
  • It’s Columbus Day, and we are celebrating it with a BIG SALE!

    Posted: Sep 30 2016 by Lookbook Store

    Hi there, gorgeous gals!   Columbus Day is coming and you know what that means? SALE! What is a better way to celebrate the discovery of a great and powerful nation than by shopping all the fab items you want without worrying about having an empty pocket?   And even...
  • 7 Awesome Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear your Off-Shoulder

    Posted: Sep 22 2016 by Lookbook Store

    If you’ve hit up places recently, I am sure you’ve spotted several girls parading in their off-shoulder getups. Whether in bars, malls, streets, or formal events such as weddings, women in this style are probably teeming.   Off-shoulder style is not a new invention. As the saying goes, history repeats...

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